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Many of us began our "love affair" with the COLLIE by way of Albert Payson Terhune's beloved books such as Lad: A Dog, Lad of Sunnybank, Treve, Wolf, My Friend The Dog, to name but a few. So, you can understand my thrill when I was invited to help judge the "Virtues Match" this August at A. P. Terhune's "Sunnybank" in Wayne Township, New Jersey.

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Turning into Sunnybank's driveway that beautiful cool summer day was just as I imagined, I could almost hear the collies' joyful barking accompanying us to the parking lot, and there was Pompton Lake shining blue and still at the bottom of the lovely tree filled lawn. Right out of his books!


Restored Puppy Pen

But...the collies were not imagined...collies were everywhere, collie lovers from all over the country, Japan, and Canada were gathered at this 12th reunion at Sunnybank, to celebrate our breed and to raise funds for the Collie Health Foundation and The Tuff Quest (scholarships for our Junior Handlers).

Friday John Buddie (Tartanside Collies) presented a wonderfully, fun filled and educational seminar "Connecting With Your Dog". Proceeds were donated to The Tuff Quest.

Seminar participants

Dogs had fun too!

Tuff Quest Check presented to
Marjorie Tuff

I took a few minutes at the end of the day to do a solo tour of the grounds at Sunnybank and to reflect on the marvelous dogs buried here that inspired Terhune's stories: Lad, Bruce, Wolf, Sigurd are among the many old and restored headstones.

Thoroughbred in body and soul

The Dog Without a Fault

Saturday was filled with Terhune memorabilia, The Parade of Champions, and The Puppy Selection seminar moderated by Nancy McDonald (Barksdale Collies). We ended the day at the Terhune museum listening to a professional quartet sing Anice Terhune's beautiful Christmas Carols and delightful children's songs.

Sunday started with an unforgettable Memorial Service, while Susie Delorenzo read dozens of cards recalling the lives of dogs now loved and lost or celebrating our present pals, a lone bagpiper filled the woods and the lawn with his beautiful music.

Memorial cards CH. Lochlaren's Look At Me
                           CH. Lochlaren's Theme Song
                             CH. Lochlaren's Monkishines
And Celebration of CH. Rosebank Lochlaren KeepItASecret

         Memorial cards and bagpipes

Now it was time to get to work, the Virtues Match began at 10:00 AM with Les Canavan (Royal Rock), moderating. Shelley Roos, Rayleen Hendrix, and I were the judges. Our first "Outline" class had 40 entries, followed by "Expression" with 56 entries…what a thrill, we got to sort through over 100 collies!

Shelley, Rayleen, Barbara,
Moderator Les, and
ring steward John Buddie

Best Outline and Best Side Gait "Carrie"

Best expression and Best in Lad Match "Sandy"

Best Profile: Barksdale Burning Daylight "Jillian"

I was thrilled to watch our "Best Expression" puppy win The Best In Match award that afternoon at the Lad Of Sunnybank Memorial Match judged by Maret Halinen (girls and Best In Match) and Joan Kirkland (Boys and Junior Handlers).

What a marvelous weekend this was, I will never forget it. Leigh Cohen, Gerrie Oliver, and folks to numerous to mention made this a special, memorable weekend, and Thank you Lord for perfect weather! ...and all for such a worthwhile cause:

The Collie Health Foundation

Before closing I would like to introduce you to my very good friends, and the heart and soul of this website. Debbie, Talisker MacKinnon "Tally", and David Collins were able to join me on Saturday.

Pictured here at the Sunnybank boat landing.

"Tally" along with occasional help from David are the Lochlaren Webmasters

Barbara Cleek, August 2008

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